About Legacy Del

At Legacy Del, we always stand behind a good accessory. Timeless and elegant, our pieces will easily become essential pieces in your wardrobe.

From headbands to hair claws, clips to hair ties…our carefully-curated collection certainly stands out in a crowd.

Meet Our Founder, Lisa Favre

My name is Lisa Favre and I’m the founder of Legacy Del.

Growing up, one of my greatest passions was fashion. You could find me watching every red carpet event on TV. I would flip through even the thickest editions of Vogue until the pages were ragged and torn. From an early age, I would seek out all the hottest trends and couldn't wait to go to the mall to shop.

Through it all there was one constant – my mom…

…but she not only shared my love for fashion: she created it.

My mom, Del, was born and raised in the Philippines and learned to sew from her aunt who worked as a seamstress. It turned out that she had a natural affinity for sewing and could sew whatever you put in front of her.

It was with this gift that my mom built a world of fashion for me. Throughout my childhood, she would sew me the most gorgeous pieces: from birthday dresses to stylish pants, two-piece sets and unique blouses - she could sew anything she could dream of. Her talent reached beyond my siblings and me - she was even the designated designer for all of my cousins' Halloween costumes.

For me, fashion is an ongoing journey. Trends come and go, but my one constant in this industry is my full-on passion for style and quality. On most days, I sport a plain t-shirt tucked into a reliable pair of jeans – and everything gets put together with one good accessory. 
This is where Legacy Del comes in.

Through my brand, I hope to offer you that accessory that stands out… that becomes the talking piece whenever someone compliments your outfit. I hope to offer you that one item that gives you all the confidence to strut in a room and radiate with beauty and energy.

Fashion doesn’t have to be complicated: let our accessories become your wardrobe essentials.