About Legacy Del

At Legacy Del, we will always stand behind a good accessory. Timeless and elegant, we hope that our accessories become essential pieces in your wardrobe.

About Lisa

Hi, my name is Lisa Favre and I'm the founder of Legacy Del. 

Growing up, one of my greatest passions was fashion. You could find me watching every red carpet event on TV. I would flip through even the thickest editions of Vogue until the pages were ragged and torn. From an early age, I would seek out all the hottest trends and couldn't wait to go to the mall to shop.

Through it all, there was one constant - my mom. 

On red carpet nights, we would plop down in front of the television together, commenting on who we thought were the best dressed stars of the evening. We would compare notes on pieces we saw in the fashion magazines we loved so much. Trends would come and go but my mom was always there. 

But she not only shared my love for fashion - she created it.

My mom, Del, was born and raised in the Philippines and learned to sew from her aunt who worked as a seamstress. It turned out that she had a natural affinity for sewing and could sew whatever you put in front of her.

It was with this gift that my mom built a world of fashion for me. Throughout my childhood, she would sew me the most gorgeous pieces: from birthday dresses to stylish pants, two-piece sets and unique blouses - she could sew anything she could dream of. Her talent reached beyond my siblings and me - she was even the designated designer for all of my cousins' Halloween costumes.

Mom and I had always fantasized about starting our own fashion line. She would always say, "If we ever did it, I'd name the store after you and your siblings." 

In the 90s, those kinds of dreams were difficult to bring to life.

Still, my mother would put in as much effort sewing outfits for our family as she would if she were sewing for her own fashion line. When I look at old family photos, so many of my childhood moments are associated with specific outfits. Every outfit told a story - from the fabric she chose, to the time she put in, to  multiple fittings and finally, the joyous moment when I got to put on the finished product for the first time and go show it off at a special event.

For many, choosing a name for a business venture or label is hard. But for me, the choice was so simple. Legacy Del is named after and dedicated to my mom and everything she has done for, and with, me. 

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to design pieces that are elegant, timeless and of incredible quality. I hope you find a way to incorporate these pieces into your special events and that they somehow tell a story for you.