We believe in building legacies. For many, fashion is a form of expression - what stories do your pieces tell?

  • Curated collections

    All our products are carefully curated and lovingly designed to ensure quality and style.

  • Versatility

    Build a wardrobe that is as beautiful as it is versatile - our pieces can be worn in many different ways but are also beautiful enough to wear alone.

  • Proudly Canadian

    All of our products are designed in Canada. We take pride in our flagship dresses that are handmade in Canada.

About Legacy Del

Legacy Del is named after and dedicated to my mom and everything she has done for, and with, me. 

On red carpet nights, we would plop down in front of the television together, commenting on who we thought were the best dressed stars of the evening. We would compare notes on pieces we saw in the fashion magazines we loved so much. Trends would come and go but my mom was always there [...]

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